Different Wedding Photography Styles At Affordable Prices.

The date has been booked, the venue has been selected, the dresses have been arranged, now the hunt is on for the right wedding photographer. While there are a lot of wedding photography services, not all of them would be suitable for your needs. Also ensure that the wedding photographer is offering best wedding photography prices in Kerala.


There are different styles of wedding photography, and picking a style at your wedding comes down to three things:

=>The style of images you want

=>The time you can devote to your wedding photographer

=>Your personality and your comfort factor in front of the camera


If you search for different styles of wedding photography then you are sure to come across such things as: vintage, artistic, editorial, and contemporary. These styles are further used differently by different photographers. Eventually it is the couple’s decision to select the type of photography and the photographer. With wedding photographers you will usually have the option to see a completed portfolio of their work in various weddings. Do not settle after seeing only some of the best shots.


With wedding photography styles it become more of a balancing work between producing fantastic work and adhering to a timetable. While a photographer may be able to take brilliant pictures, they might take too long to capture a single frame which is usually not the best option on your wedding day.


Here are some wedding photography styles broken down for you to help you choose the right one.

Traditional Wedding Photography


The perception that people have about traditional wedding photography services  is that they are a series of endless stuffy group photos where everyone has been brought together for the mere purpose of filling the frame. While trends are changing and wedding photographers are experimenting with their style, the working framework is mostly the same. The photographs may turn out to be very stylish, but the actual experience of the couple is very similar. Check to see if they are providing the best wedding photography prices in Kerala.


There is always a certain amount of balance that the photographer needs to achieve between the type of work that they are doing and the time taken to shoot it. With more formal photographs the time taken to complete the set up will be longer. Moreover if the photographer is aiming for artistic shots, then they will require more time to capture the perfect frame. It is important to find out how much time will the photographer take and if you both are comfortable spending that much time. With wedding photographers offering best wedding photography prices in Thrissur, they will be able to put you at ease and capture amazing frames.


Reportage Wedding Photography or Photojournalism


This style relies more on capturing the moments as they take place. With reportage photography it is as spontaneous as it gets. This type of wedding photography requires the service of a highly skilled wedding photographer who can blend into the background and take candid shots of the couple and the wedding. This creates diverse frames and is one of the best kind of wedding photography for those who are camera conscious.

reportage-wedding-photography-keralaWith time, weddings have become less formal and couples are more open to experimenting these days. Documentary wedding photography calls for a completely different skill set from the traditional wedding photography so you must ensure beforehand of your wedding photographer possesses the required skill set. Wedding photojournalism is all about having a complete set of pictures from the D-day rather than having a set of dozen highlights. This requires anticipation, techniques and acumen, it is all about being in the right place at the right time and calls for skills and techniques that many wedding photographers might not possess.


These days most wedding photographers offer a mix of both the styles. Find out the proportion of styles that the photographer would like to shoot and work around that.


Vintage Wedding Photography


This style has recently started receiving the limelight, and it is something that is quite hard to quantify. Vintage can mean anything from using those old film cameras during your big day or adopting a different approach post production to create ‘vintage’ looking digital files. While there are great wedding photographers out there, with vintage wedding photographers you might run the risk of receiving photos that are heavily edited in a certain style which might end up looking rather dated.



Editorial Wedding Photography


The creation of this wedding genre goes to the popularity of fashion editorials of glossy magazines. To successfully produce this, the wedding photographer needs to be highly organized and would also require the assistance to help them set up some shots prior to the event. Ensure that your time matches with this type of wedding photography.


With all these different types of wedding photography styles out there it is very easy to get confused. Ultimately it all comes down to what you both want and how much time you can devote. Choose a wedding photographer that promises the best professional service and has plenty of experience and also offers best wedding photography prices in Thrissur.

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