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The Qualities of Candid Wedding Photographers in Kerala.

Indian weddings are nothing short of fairytale affairs. With a 100% attendance of friends and the members of extended families of the bride and the groom, the wedding events create moments worthy of making a place in the list of lifetime memories. Hence, care must be taken to select the best wedding photographers in Kerala from whose keen sight, not a single moment would escape. A wedding is probably one of the most informal events, hiring the services of a candid wedding photographer holds credence. After all, you would not want to click ultra formal portraits where people would pose with their smiling faces and straight postures.


The Qualities to be Found in your Ideal Candid Wedding Photographer


Having the eye of an artist:

What we find so normal, for an artist, it is nothing but extraordinary. A proficient wedding photographer should have the potential of finding out the uniqueness of an ordinary moment.


Possessing the right equipment:

Keep the backup ready! In the midst of a wedding, you cannot run for spare batteries, a spare flash unit, a spare camera body or a new memory card.

Knowledgeable in photographic etiquettes:

Clients have different sets of dos and don’ts. Hence, ideally, the candid wedding photographers should take the permission of the clients. Better to share the planning of the wedding photo shoot and clarify the photographic needs.

Enhancing the comfort level of the subjects:

If one could turn as a fly and sit on the wall, clicking pictures with a camera, probably the best ever sets of candid photographs would emerge. Striking this out, what remains is how to enhance the comfort level of the subjects? The photographers should have their own game plans.


Having the knowledge of photographic nuances:

To click the candid pictures of a photo conscious subject, best photographers implement their in-depth knowledge. For example, increasing the angle of the lens is a smart way to take pictures without lifting your arms to a good height.

Not to miss a single opportunity:

A swift and nimble photographer would win the race. He/she should be on run, but, in a covert manner. One cannot risk in alarming the subjects.

Restricting the use of a flash:

In the places where possible, one should restrict the use of a flash. One cannot hope to click candid pictures of the subjects by blinding flashlight.


Clicking multiple images of a subject:

That one magical snap is not the work of a single click. One must take multiple images of a subject and keep the best.

Bringing in versatility to the topics of photography:

Best candid photographers click different moods of their subjects. People doing different things and people interacting with each other, the topics could vary a lot.


The modern generation believes in creating moments. Hence, they prefer adding candid elements in photographs. It is expected that in the coming days, the popularity of candid wedding photography will further increase. For best wedding photography prices in Kerala, one can browse through the websites and select the one which best serves their interests.

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