Top 7 Tips to have Best Wedding Photos

Top 7 Tips to have Best Wedding Photos

A wedding is once in a lifetime event unless circumstances prove otherwise. Hence, we all want that everything related to a wedding should be picture perfect and most importantly, the wedding photos. They are not just a bunch of images. They are lifetime memories.

From the best wedding photographers to best locations, to wearing the right dress and mood; so many things are responsible for making wedding photos a hit. Look at the 8 tips mentioned below.

The 7 Tips


Select your dress based on comfort:

There is a secret behind looking amazing in a dress. It is how comfortable you feel, as simple as that. The best way to measure the comfort level is to give a prior rehersal and find out whether or not it is too loose or tight.



As the state of Kerala in India is the home to multiple races and religions, the dress preference differs a lot. However, giving a twist to the norms, couples are deciding to wear whatever they wish to. In any case, keep in mind that the wedding dresses should be chosen in a way that accentuates the natural complexion of the bride or the groom.

No wrinkles in the dresses, no photoshop request:

Probably the weirdest request ever made to a wedding photographer is to photoshop the images to erase the wrinkles in the clothes. Save the efforts of your wedding photographer for subtler matters and iron the wedding dresses well before time.


Hire the services of professional hair and makeup artists:

One should look his/her best on the wedding day. After all, this is the day when the bride and the groom are no less than a princess and a prince.

Select an idyllic location:

There is no dearth of extraordinary locations in Kerala, ‘God’s own country’. The world of wedding photography in Kerala can explore the vast potential of the natural beauty of the place. The photographers not only capture the happy moments but also frame in the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The setting could be a temple, a church or a traditional Keralan home surrounded by lush greenery. You may choose the reception venue beside the beach and include the beauty of the Arabian sea in your reception pictures.


Keep enough time in hand:

The wedding day is very hectic but to click the best pictures, you need to keep aside enough time in hand. Better to fix a separate date for wedding photography. In that way, you can click pictures in a relaxed manner and look your best with a relaxed mind.

Fix the photography session during the daytime:

Photos would look best when clicked during the daytime. Try to schedule the photo session in the daytime so that the pictures of a new beginning would look that much bright.


Appoint a professional photographer:

The wedding photography has come a long way. There are several styles of wedding photography. If you happen to stay in Kerala, you may consider exploring the options available with the wedding photography in Thrissur and hire outstanding professional photographers.

Make your wedding ceremony a success and hold on with the sweetest memories by owning some wonderful wedding photos.

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