Spectacular Locations for Best Wedding Photoshoots in Kerala


Weddings are truly grand affairs. Going by the recent wedding of Virat and Anushka, destination weddings have become quite a hit with the young crowd. Kerala, in India is a very nice location for those wishing to get hitched in style. From the lush green locales to the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala is truly God’s own country and it provides amazing background for the wedding photographers in Kerala to frame the wedding against.


Take a trip to Kerala for your wedding and have the best time ever. The best time would be sometime between October and March, since the weather around this time will be pleasant enough to have outdoor day and evening ceremonies. Here are some absolutely gorgeous ideas for holding your dream wedding.

Houseboat Wedding in Alleppey

The mere idea of staying in a houseboat is so dreamy. Getting married there sounds totally out of a film, right? Nestled amidst the quaint background of the backwaters, away from the din and bustle of the city crowd, a houseboat wedding is a perfect way to tie the knot.


If you are the type of person who wants an intimate gathering, a special wedding on a houseboat seems to be the perfect option. There are special wedding houseboats which you can book, which has large floors and can easily accommodate your close friends and family. A houseboat wedding is truly an awe-inspiring event, one that not only you but your guests will also remember for a long long time. You can also customize it and just have the ceremony on the houseboat and perform the rest of the events at the backwaters.

Beach Wedding in Kovalam

Nothing gets more picture perfect than this, beaches make for a fantastic wedding venue and Kerala has plenty of them. Just picture yourselves on the beach, in your wedding finery, saying your vows out loud while the waters softly lap against the beach. It is dreamy right? You can opt for a traditional wedding with the groom arriving on an elephant with the food being served on banana leaves. Or you can go all modern.


A Hill station wedding in Munnar

With its lush tea gardens and the undulating hills, Munnar is the perfect choice if you prefer the hills. A clear skyline, with a nip in the temperature, and spectacular hills makes for an amazing backdrop, doesn’t it? Apart from Munnar, you can also select places like Wayanad, Tusharagiri, Ponmudi to get married in. Tie the knot as the sun gently sets in the background behind the hills, and the sky is lit up with a torrent of colours. It provides the perfect setting for wedding photographers in Kerala for capturing awesome pictures.



With the sound of gushing waterfalls, and the breezy winds, be ready to fall head over heels for each other as you say “I do”. The hills truly create an amazing romantic aura that is the perfect atmosphere for a wedding.

Wedding at the backwaters

Imagine soft lulling waters, palm groves, and seashores till as far as the eyes can see. This isn’t a dream, but an actual possibility. The backwaters in Kerala provide a truly unique combination of natural beauty and a pollution free environment which makes one feel as if they are truly in Eden. The coastal towns in Kerala are serene, blissful and provide a perfect atmosphere for a relaxed wedding. With the beautiful verdant pasture lands, the wildlife and the flora, the scene is set for the wedding of the millennia. Ensure that your wedding photographers get the perfect shot.


Kerala is the perfect place for a destination wedding with its amazing collection of varied landscapes and a relaxed laid back feel. However, before you head to this spectacular place, do make sure to check the following:

# Check the weather conditions, you do not want a torrential downpour to ruin your plans

# Check venue availability before finalizing the dates

# Prepare a proper guest list to get an estimate of the guests

# Ensure to check the connectivity of the venue to the nearest railway station and airport

# You can choose to hire a wedding planner or choose to do it by yourself


Most importantly do not forget to hire the best wedding photographers in Kerala to capture those beautiful moments

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