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Kerala Wedding Pre-Shoot Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Kerala, popularly termed “God’s Own Country,” is rich in cultural traditions as well as scenic beauty. Kerala is a treasure trove of astounding wedding settings that serve as an ideal backdrop for pre-wedding photoshoots. You can find  an array of options to make your pre-wedding photoshoot undoubtedly remarkable in Kerala. Check out here for Kerala wedding pre-shoot ideas.  

From quiet backwaters to lush greenery and exciting cultural festivities, you can choose some of the most exciting locations and times for your pre-wedding photoshoot. This blog will help you explore some of the best Kerala wedding pre-wedding shoot ideas that can make your shoot memorable and fun.

Kerala pre-wedding shoot ideas
Kerala pre-wedding shoot ideas

Kerala pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you to try

Whether you are planning a pre-wedding photoshoot for your own wedding or for your clients as a photographer, here are some ideas that can make your shoot a successful one:

  1. Beach:

    Visit one of Kerala’s beautiful beaches, such as Kovalam or Varkala, for a romantic pre-shoot by the sea. Capture the golden colors of the sunset as you stroll hand in hand along the beach, and let the roaring waves create a breathtaking backdrop for your intimate fairy tale.

  2. Hill Station:

    Munnar and Wayanad are two of Kerala’s most stunning hill stations. Plan a pre-shoot amidst mystical mountains, verdant tea plantations, and tumbling waterfalls. These hill stations’ relaxed beauty will bring a sense of tranquility and romantic notions to your pre-wedding photos.

  3. Historical locations:

    Kerala has a rich past, and blending historical landmarks as part of your pre-shoot can provide your photos with an imperial feel. Stop by destinations like Kochi’s Mattancherry Palace or Kasaragod’s Bekal Fort for an amalgamation of history and romance that encapsulates the spirit of Kerala’s artistic heritage.

    pre-wedding shoot
    pre-wedding shoot
  4. Spice Garden:

    Kerala is known worldwide for its spice plantations, which could provide a unique background for your pre-shoot. Explore aromatic spice estates in Thekkady or Wayanad, enveloped by lush foliage and vibrant hues. The spice gardens produce a captivating backdrop that will add an element of magic to the pictures you take.

  5. Temples:

    Kerala is home to majestic temples acknowledged for their architectural splendour and spiritual environment. Plan a pre-shoot at a temple like Guruvayur, Padmanabhaswamy, or Sabarimala, and let their intricate carvings and spiritual environs create a surreal ambience for your photos. Experience memories of love and devotion throughout the awe-inspiring grandeur of these venerated monuments.

  6. Backwaters:

    Kerala’s picturesque backwaters are one of the state’s notable attractions, and they supply an ideal backdrop for romantic pre-wedding photography. Imagine moving along the serene waterways in a classic houseboat, surrounded by lush vegetation and delicately swaying palms.


A pre-wedding photoshoot in Kerala brings you to a world of stunning scenery, rich traditions, and everlasting love. Whether you want to float along the tranquil backwaters or indulge yourself in the bustling spirit of Kerala’s festivities, your possibilities for breathtaking photographs are limitless.

Remember, no matter where or what theme you select, the main objective is to allow your affection and bond to come through. These Kerala wedding pre-shoot ideas present an extensive range of settings to make your wedding moments extremely exceptional.

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