Kerala weddings

Exciting and Entertaining Ideas for Kerala Weddings

Few wedding celebrations in the world are brighter and more extensive than Indian weddings. The sheer extravagance of Indian weddings is unique, and that’s due to several factors. Firstly, the celebrations start a few days before the actual wedding, making the whole ceremony prolonged and increasing the grandeur. Second, Indian weddings display a lot of flair and flamboyance with their bright colors, entertaining music and dance, heavy jewelry, beautiful traditional clothes and grand decorations. Check out here for some entertaining ideas for Kerala weddings. 

Kerala weddings are especially a sight to behold because they combine tradition with extravagance. Kerala is beautiful with its exotic beaches, captivating backwaters and vibrant culture. In addition, Kerala weddings have their own charm, but if you want to make yours a little more unique or interesting, here are some exciting ideas for an unforgettable ceremony.

Kerala weddings
Kerala weddings

Exciting And Entertaining Ideas for An Unforgettable Kerala Weddings.

1. Variety of Music

Indian weddings are never complete without music. For a Kerala destination wedding, you can opt for fusion music, like the soft notes of a piano or the elegant tune of a violin. If you want a more striking appeal, going for a live Indian band is ideal. The band can play popular Indian tunes which everyone can dance to.

2. Folk Dance

Including a folk-dance routine in your wedding celebrations increases the entertainment for the guests, adds to the elaborate affair and keeps traditions alive. You can be sure that guests at your Kerala wedding will appreciate traditional folk dances like Oppana, Margamkali and Thiruvathira.

3. Bollywood Flavor

Introducing the element of Bollywood to your wedding can be a game-changer. Hiring professional Bollywood dancers to shake a leg to the biggest hits or keeping a DJ booth to play the most popular Hindi tunes are great ideas. You can request the DJ to play mashups of everyone’s favorite Hindi and Malayali songs to bring the house down.

4. Entertainment for Kids

If you want to keep the children occupied and entertained so their parents can have some time to enjoy the wedding party, you can arrange for a separate room filled with children’s games and toys. This will keep them busy throughout the evening, and guests of all ages will leave the party happy and content!

5. Games for Guests

If you wish to have a fun night while keeping traditions alive, you can include a segment dedicated to games for the guests based on Kerala’s culture and heritage. This will entertain the guests even more, encourage bonding and highlight the state’s rich culture.


Indian weddings are indeed a rich, vibrant and elaborate affair. Kerala weddings, in particular, can be highly dazzling and magical, and this guide will help you understand how to make your Kerala wedding even more memorable for everyone. The above entertainment options can significantly increase the magic of your celebrations and make your wedding unforgettable.

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