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The Complete Guidebook To Wedding Photography Assignments

The over-particular bride and groom have many things in common. They are obsessive about nth details of everything. They would harp on meeting perfection even if it is something very unimportant. Thus, you could understand how they will react to their wedding pictures. Just not anyone, they want only the best wedding photographers in Kerala.


So which traits make a wedding photographer the best? If you don’t know them, how would you choose the best from the rest?

  1. The kind of photographs you want:

    To decide upon the types of wedding photographs you want to capture, first, you must know about the styles of wedding photographs:

    Candid photos: 

    No rule book to follow, such pictures capture the subjects in their natural best. The present generation couples love to shoot candid photos. The young photographers in Kerala are trained and innovative. You could rely on them for the delegated task.


    No cliched wedding clicks, photojournalistic snaps are probably the best specimens of unique photography with sometimes mind-boggling themes.

    Traditional photos:

    Wedding photography assignments should comprise of candid as well as traditional photos (or whatever style of photography you select). A certain number of photos should be staged particularly those comprised of the senior family members.

    The kind of videography you want:

    Let’s look at certain styles of videography for wedding photographs:

    Cinematic videography:

    It is quite similar to candid photography. Herein, the videography would focus on you and the most important people in your life along with encapsulating the surrounding emotions. Some important elements are great cinematography, editing, setup, story and music.

Cinematic videography is expensive as special equipment is needed for the ideal outcome like drones and high definition cameras.

  • Traditional videography:

    Documenting the entire ceremony, the span of traditional videography is about 2 to 3 hours.

    Setting the budget:

    On an average, couples set aside about 5 to 10 per cent of their wedding budget for photography assignments. However, it may differ as per your demand and it is the first thing you should sort out with your photographer. The

    best wedding photographers in Kerala keep a reasonable pricing for the complete assignments.

    Some important points to be kept in mind:

    There should be clarity on certain things like the guest list, the event dates and the locations. You should share information with your photographer. Engaging the same photographer from both sides would slash down the cost of the assignment.

    Important things to discuss with the wedding photographer:

    The success of your wedding photography assignment depends upon the right selection of photographer.

Go through a couple of tips:

  • Verify the online portfolios

  • Ask your newly-wed friends for reference

  • Read online reviews

    Steps to follow after finalising a wedding photographer:

    Post finalisation of wedding photographers in Kerala, you should ask him/her certain things:


  • Availability of dates

  • Communicate your functions

  • Ask for their quotes

  • Particulars of a package

  • Exact deliverables

  • Timing flexibility

  • Payment policies

  • Particulars of travel and accommodation

  • Price of extra services

  • Venue location and lighting

  • The timing of deliverables

Over-particular would be married couples could ensure a 100% success in their endeavour and money if they follow the above-mentioned points. Wish you all success with the beginning of your new innings!

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