A Complete Guide to Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding In Kerala

Indian weddings are known to be extravagant affairs. The concept of a “big fat Indian wedding” has been a tradition for centuries, consisting of dazzling colors, food, music and dance and a lot of pomp and splendor. But sometimes people prefer a bit more intimate or low-key weddings, mainly to save resources and make the whole celebration budget friendly. Checkout budget-friendly wedding in Kerala. 

kerala wedding
kerala wedding

Kerala is the perfect place to get married, with the most scenic locations. Kerala is a south-Indian state boasting stunning beaches and exotic backwaters. It offers diverse natural wonders and is filled with greenery. This state also has a vibrant culture and community. But if you prefer to cut down on your funds and have a budget-friendly wedding in Kerala, here is a comprehensive guide to having an unforgettable celebration with minimal cost.

Make a detailed financial plan

You should create a detailed budget for all the necessary expenses of your wedding months in advance. This will allow you time to book your venue early and get a better deal. It will also help you understand the total costs of your wedding and make advanced booking arrangements.

Book your wedding venue

Try to select and book your wedding venue months in advance because the closer the booking is to your wedding, the higher its cost will be. In addition, you can book a place close to your residence since it will save you money on rental cars or buses.

kerala wedding
kerala wedding

Hire a wedding planner

Even though hiring a wedding planner is an extra cost, it will be economical for you in the long run. If you communicate your aim for a budget-friendly wedding to your planner, they will help you cut down the costs and make arrangements that are easier on your pocket. In addition, you will hardly have to worry about your finances with a wedding planner sorting out all your bookings to get you the most affordable rates.

Buy off-season clothes

If you plan to make all your wedding arrangements in advance, don’t make an exception for your wedding dress. Usually, Kerala weddings take place in the months of August and September, which are considered to be auspicious for marriages. Around that time, prices for wedding attire are at an all-time high. So, buying your dress during the off-season helps you cut down on expenses since you will acquire the same clothes at a lower price.

Be your own DJ

bride groom dance

Hiring a DJ to curate and play songs at your wedding can be expensive. Instead, you can create the perfect playlist for your wedding, ask your friend to play the songs, and set the tone among the guests. After all, you will be the best judge of your weddings and, therefore, will be able to curate the ideal playlist to set the mood.

Cut down on flowers

Indian weddings can be extravagant, with gorgeous and over-the-top displays of flowers and other finery. But reducing your flower decorations can be an excellent way to cut costs if you aim for a pocket-friendly affair. Flowers are expensive, and during the wedding season, their prices hike. But if you buy fewer flowers and ask your friends and family to arrange them around the venue, it will also help reduce the expenses of hiring wedding decorators.

Plan your guest list carefully

Sometimes, due to poor planning, we end up inviting an excessive number of guests to our weddings and incur a far more significant expense than expected. So, to cut down on your budget, you can create a guest list comprising only close friends and family so that you can make inexpensive arrangements for a manageable number of people.

Cut down on wedding décor

An excellent way to save money is to cut down on your overall wedding décor, not just flowers. You can opt for DIY decorations that are simple yet beautiful. You can choose a wedding venue that already looks charming and go for minimal décor to complement it. These are some small yet effective ways to save money on your wedding.

Have your wedding on a weekday

Booking venues and wedding services on weekends can be far more expensive due to greater demand. So, if you wish to have a budget-friendly wedding, getting hitched on a weekday is a clever and practical choice. This will reduce the prices of the venue, caterers, decorators etc.

Wedding invitation

Nowadays, an excellent way to save money is to opt for e-invitations for your wedding. Instead of printing hundreds of paper invitations and wasting money and paper, you can create a pretty invitation card on various design apps like Canva and send them out via email or text.

Save on Jewelry


Kerala brides are known to don exquisite gold jewelry at their weddings. But if you want to save money without straying from tradition, you can wear any gold jewelry your mother or grandmother previously owned instead of buying new pieces. This also adds sentimental value to the wedding. You can also buy a few imitation pieces, like inexpensive Kundan jewelry and use them to complement your authentic gold pieces to save money.

Save money on catering

A smart way to reduce expenses at your wedding is to save on catering. Many wedding catering services in Kerala offer basic food packages that will be sufficient for your guests while also being pocket-friendly. Hence choosing such packages is a very economical option.


Kerala weddings are known for their grandeur and splendor. But you can have an unforgettable wedding experience without spending an exorbitant amount of money. This guide helps you understand how to reduce your expenses and have the time of your life without worrying about your finances. So, if you are planning to get hitched soon, this blog can be highly useful for planning an economical and entertaining celebration.

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