Top 5 reasons to consider when picking a photographer for your wedding shoot.

The soon to be, not so shy, bride on a Royal Enfield, in her red ensemble completing the look with a pair of classic aviators, accompanied by the soon to be groom as the pillion rider with a worried ‘save me’ expression on his face. Wedding photo shoots have come a long way from its inception. These trendy, funny and innovative ideas are a rage amongst today’s millennial crowd. Photographers have become an integral part of ‘the big fat Indian wedding’ scene.


We now have pre-wedding, candid, pre-wedding, traditional, documentary and many more types of photo shoots available. The bride and groom are bound to get confused with the overwhelming options of best photographers in Kerala available for these shoots. What destination do you pick in the land of Gods, the garden, the beach, the hill, the sea, the crowd, the historical structures, what will make you stand out? The clients need to be different, innovative, funny, and classic, all at the same time can be quite a daunting task for a photographer to achieve.

For these reasons it is essential that you do a thorough research on photography services in Thrissur before deciding on your choice of photographer for your big day.

Here are top 5 points to reflect upon before booking a photographer for your wedding shoot:


Yes, social media can be an intimidating place when it comes to picking a photographer. You will be spoiled for choice, locations, styles, effects the list is pretty long. But do not fret, take out those notepads and start sifting through your feed. If you like a picture, note down the photographer details and keep moving. Visit their social media pages and websites to better understand their style of working and whether they match up to your requirements.


Word of mouth is a good place to start

If your friends and families had photo shoots recently, it would be great to get their insights on the whole process. Also reading reviews of your shortlisted best photographers can prove to be useful. This preparation will put you in a better place to ask the right questions.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider. The prices will vary depending on your choice of photo shoot. Do you want your pictures taken somewhere in the city or you have an outstation destination on your mind. An outstation shoot is bound to cost more as it would involve the additional traveling, accommodation and other expenses of the best photographers and their crew.


Schedule a meet before you pay that advance

Do meet your photographer and clearly communicate ideas and styles you would want to incorporate. You want those pictures to turn out all beautiful and perfect. But it is also important to enjoy the process because you are creating memories of a lifetime. An interactive session and an exchange of ideas from both parties would be a good starting point.

Book a photographer in advance

If your wedding is scheduled right smack in the middle of the auspicious months, ensure you book your photographer well in advance. You have done all the research, got your budget in place only to find out your choice of best photographers is not available on those dates.

There are number of photographers in Kerala, make sure you get your research and budget in place and pick the one that best suits your personality style.

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