Capturing the Changing Spirit of the Keralite Wedding Ceremonies

Like every other event, the marriage ceremonies are also getting a makeover. Although the traditional Keralite wedding ceremonies have held on with their roots, one cannot miss the slight tweakings. Couples are preparing their separate checklists which include small surprises. Such sweet changes are bringing a whiff of fresh air into the traditional mould


The Complete Guidebook To Wedding Photography Assignments

The over-particular bride and groom have many things in common. They are obsessive about nth details of everything. They would harp on meeting perfection even if it is something very unimportant. Thus, you could understand how they will react to their wedding pictures. Just not anyone, they want only the best wedding photographers in


The Latest Trends of Photography Services in Kerala

The months of June and July have a chock-a-block schedule for the wannabe brides and grooms in Kerala. With an abundance of auspicious ‘muhurtams’, parents of the families are sharing their plans with that of their children. We can see a perfect blend of the traditional and modern approaches. The new generation brides and


5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

So, you have finally decided to get married? Congratulations! Is your lehenga ready? Has the venue been decided upon? The dulha’s entry is also fixed? Great. Now let’s talk about the most important part of your wedding photographer!   It is hard to imagine a wedding minus the innumerable pictures that are clicked all


The Spontaneous Wedding Photographers in Thrissur

Candid, reportage or documentary are 3 different names to define the idea of clicking spontaneous pictures. No matter how much training you have attained in wedding photography, only a spontaneous photographer could capture candid moments and present the gift to be cherished with posterity. It seems that young wedding photographers in Thrissur are ushering


Expert Service Providers of Wedding Photography in Kerala

About 10 years back, the world of wedding photography in India went through its renaissance phase. Earlier wedding photography would mean traditional photos with friends and family members, all standing or sitting in a picture perfect manner. The points of focus would be the dress and jewellery of the bride and groom; the decoration


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